Three Parts Wonder = One Part ME

It’s been a tough few months I have to admit.  The first part was loosing my BF Mozart to cancer and the second part a week later, loosing my other BF Todd to accidental death due to drugs.  The second proved to be the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with (other than the […]

Fair well to my best buddy Mozart….

Today I did one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I decided it was best to put my little buddy to sleep and to end his pain.  I guess in a way I have been preparing myself for this over the past 2 months but now it is real.  I […]

Am I being tested here….

It has been a testing several months, I have slipped from the public scene, completely uninterested in the dating scene and hidden away behind closed doors as I often do when I am in a funk. I cant help but think that this is all a big test of my ability to endure as I […]