A lesson in dishonesty and trusting my gut reaction….

It has been an interesting few weeks of lessons and self discovery. It is strange how when you use your mind to focus on things in a positive way your world begins to change in a positive way. That being said it sometimes produces negative results because those are the things that need to be […]

The ghost of my past, three Musketeers, and letting go…

It is amazing how your heart can actually hurt in your chest when you are missing someone. This weekend I feel like I am living with the ghost of my past and I am trying to figure out the message all of this sadness is supposed to be teaching me. The loss of three extremely important people […]

Here is my life defining list….what does your's look like?

I had the chance to spend some time with friends celebrating the arrival of spring but I opted to spend some alone time reflecting, enjoying time with the big white pink eared dog and loving the beautiful weather.  I began to think about my past life and the defining life moments that have occurred that […]