The ghost of my past, three Musketeers, and letting go…

It is amazing how your heart can actually hurt in your chest when you are missing someone. This weekend I feel like I am living with the ghost of my past and I am trying to figure out the message all of this sadness is supposed to be teaching me. The loss of three extremely important people […]

Missing my friend and re-thinking my life…

If felt like the longest day of my life, I kept pushing the thoughts aside and continued to focus on working, not crying, not thinking of anything just getting through the job without anyone knowing inside I was falling apart. I didn’t get any sleep the night before, at 2AM I got the call saying […]

Do you say "I love you" to those you feel you have love for? Read on and know I am sending you all love!

Today my best friend posted a blog about love (  What is strange is that the idea came to her after a facebook post went sour for her yesterday.  Some people got snippy because they were associated with the thread and they decided they didn’t want to receive the emails from the thread anymore.  Strange […]

Todd Garrett I will always love you…RIP

He was a very big part of my life. He was a lover, a companion, a roommate and a best friend.  Although we separated in March and he moved into his own place he still remained my best friend.  We agreed to keep that because even though we could not overcome the issues we had […]