• Self Help

    Do You Want To Live An Extraordinary Life?

    I have amped up my soul searching efforts lately, perhaps it is because I am older, maybe I am at a crossroads with life vs. happiness. Whatever the case I am realizing that there are a lot of unhappy, angry and unhealthy people out there and that saddens me. Are you one of them? What would you say if I asked you this question; “Do you want to live an extraordinary life?” I present that question to myself often and as I grow I find that it is continuously changing. When I first thought deeply about this question it centered around money because I felt with more money I could…

  • Vulnerability

    “Setting 5 Desires For 2013”

    This podcast will walk you through the steps to create 5 desires to start your year out right. Every January we try to set goals for the new year. Many times these goals are never met because we set our expectations too high, lose interest, or become overwhelmed and give up. This year rather than create goals let’s create desires, dreams or aspirations that we want to happen in our lives. Thinking Diva Podcast Episode 01: January 2013 (TD_001) “Setting 5 Desires for 2013” Listen to this episode

  • Vulnerability

    Making Sense Of Negativity And Creating Positive Change…

    For two days now I have awoken with feelings of sadness, my heart aches for all those children and teachers who died friday in such a senseless manner. Like so many people I believe we are all trying to understand in disbelief why these kinds of things happen. In a world that reflects war, poverty, illness and abuse how do these horrific things keep happening in a country designed around opportunity and freedom? I studied journalism in college and wanted to be a photojournalist for my first 2 years until I realized that most of what I would be doing was reporting sad stories. Later I received a BS in…

  • Relationships

    A Lesson In Dishonesty

    It has been an interesting few weeks of lessons and self discovery. It is strange how when you use your mind to focus on things in a positive manner your world begins to change in a positive way. That being said it sometimes produces negative results because those are the things that need to be eliminated in order to move forward. Over the course of my life I have trusted people deeply and over time I have experienced deep disappointment, humility and hurt by trusting so much. I assume it is because I believe there is good in everyone and often I want to see the good in others so…

  • Relationships

    My Aha Moment With Dating

    I  have spent the past year ready to date, I have tried different avenues and I have to say I have found my journey so far pretty interesting. I have learned more about my self than I ever imagined because I thought dating was about others. I have seen many of my friends go through breakups, people I thought were truly meant to be together and it has shifted some of my belief in the reality of what we see in others versus truth. I have had deep conversations with both men and women about the process of dating, the kinds of dates out there and the journey to find…


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