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As the “Thinking Diva” I am passionate about my writing and have lived a deeply reflective life through pen and paper. As a child I grew up in a rural area and spent a lot of time alone sitting among the swaying pines writing my thoughts down in journal’s. Over the years I have worked hard to be less of an introvert by gradually sharing my words with others. It started with poetry, then with songwriting and now with with blogging. I believe there is nothing more fulfilling than to receive a comment or email from some stranger telling me how my words helped them get through a difficult time.

As time passes me by my goal is to evolve into the best person I can be, taking my experiences weather good or bad and finding the strength to share my insight with others. My goal is that someone will relate and feel better about themselves. My life revolves around integrity, love and inspiration and I want others to feel good about themselves even if, at the expense of my humility.

With my words I hope to leave a body of work behind that inspires others and that will live on long after I am gone.

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